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Meet the support group:

Jessica, Jeremy, John, Tony, Carolyn


                -  please feel free to approach any member of the support group after the meditation group if you                         have any questions








The Bath Buddhist Group was established forty years ago and aims to promote an interest in Buddhism and to encourage its study and application. The group seeks to learn from the different Buddhist traditions (e.g. Zen, Theravadin, Tibetan etc) and welcomes all who are interested in Buddhist practice and teachings, whether or not you subscribe to one particular teacher or tradition. The Group has a long tradition of welcoming newcomers and experienced meditators alike.  

 What the group offers you:

       Are you looking for an opportunity to meditate with others?

       At our Thursday evening meditation group (see programme page for details) we typically have two

       half hour periods of sitting meditation. You are welcome to come along just to the first half hour of sitting           meditation and then leave, or to stay for the whole session. You may also ask questions or share your                   thoughts about Buddhist teachings and practice at the end of the meditation if you wish.

In the Bath Buddhist Group you’ll find a group where:

  • You can meditate in a supportive environment.

  • You can join others in developing a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s teaching and how its application can help you.

  • If you wish, you can discuss your daily practice and share your questions.

  • Long standing practitioners of various Buddhist traditions are on hand.

  • In addition to our meditation group we occasionally arrange talks, or a visit by a monk.

The Bath Buddhist Group -

where once a week you can walk the Noble Eightfold Path in the company of others.



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