Bath Buddhist Group
                             Bath Buddhist Group

Meet the support group

Jessica, Tony, Jeremy, John, Matthew

The Bath Buddhist Group was established nearly forty years ago and aims to promote an interest in Buddhism and to encourage its study and application. It seeks to represent all main schools of Buddhism.

 What the group offers you:
            Are you looking for an opportunity to meditate with others?
            Are you interested in Buddhism, without wanting to subscribe to one particular teacher or tradition?

In the Bath Buddhist Group you’ll find a group where:

  • You can meditate in a supportive environment.

  • You can join others in developing a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s teaching and how its application can help you.

  • You can discuss your daily practice and share your questions.

  • Long standing practitioners of various Buddhist traditions lead meditations and offer guidance to beginners.

The Bath Buddhist Group -

where once a week you can walk the Noble Eightfold Path in the company of others.



For further information, contact

All are invited to join the Facebook group:   Bath Buddhist Group for regular news and updates



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