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MEDITATION GROUP: optional informal discussion with tea, followed by sitting and walking meditation.


Spring term: 2nd May to 18th July


Meetings will continue to mostly focus on a period of meditation (sitting and walking) from 8-9.00 pm.   When there is a visiting speaker (see below for details) the meeting may extend to 9.30pm.


  • From 7.30 to 8.00pm all are welcome to join an informal discussion about meditation, and the teachings of the Buddha.  Tea will be served during this time.
  • Before the 8.00pm sitting begins, the member leading the period of meditation will offer a little guidance for those new to meditation.
  • Those who wish only to sit for half an hour are welcome to leave at the short break at 8.30pm.

May 2nd: Jeremy will lead meditation.


May 9th: John will lead meditation.


May 16th: Usha will lead meditation.


May 23rd: John will lead meditation.


May 30th: Carolyn will lead meditation.


June 6th: Venerable Buddharakkhita, visiting from a Sri Lankan forest monastery, will lead meditation, give a teaching on Developing Skilful Attitudes.  There will also be time for questions and discussion.   (Usha will introduce)


June 13th: Carolyn will introduce Vajrin who will lead meditation and give a talk "The Dhamma, physical activity, and the Middle Way".  There will be time for questions.


June 20th: Jeremy will lead meditation.


June 27th: Ajahn Jutindharo, Abbot of Hartridge monastery will lead meditation, give a talk, and respond to questions. (Carolyn will introduce) 


July 4th: John will lead meditation.


July 11th: Jeremy will lead meditation.


July 18th: Usha will lead meditation.


In order to cover the costs of hiring and heating the room, there is an offering bowl on the book table.   No obligation to contribute, but a donation of £3 from each person would ensure that we remain solvent.

Thank you.





KEEPING WARM:  although the group's room is heated, some people bring a blanket or warm clothing to ensure a comfortable body temperature during meditation in colder months.

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