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MEDITATION GROUP: optional informal discussion with tea, followed by sitting and walking meditation.


Autumn term: 12th September to 12th December


Whilst meetings will continue to focus mostly on a period of meditation (sitting and walking) from 8-9.00 pm, we are aiming to include some periods of discussion and occasional speakers when the evenings will end at 9.30pm.  The programme will develop below in the weeks before term begins and, where discussion will focus on specific teachings there will be a link to short, relevant readings.


  • Tea is generally served at 7.45pm, when there is an opportunity for socialising and informal discussion. 
  • Before the 8.00pm sitting begins, the member leading the period of meditation will offer a little guidance for those new to meditation.
  • Those who wish only to sit for half an hour are welcome to leave at the short break at 8.30pm.


12th:  Jeremy will lead an evening of meditation.


19th:  After a short period of personal meditation practice, Usha will introduce discussion on first of the Ten Novice's Questions (from Khuddaka Nkaya 4): "What is one? All beings subsist on food*"   We'll investigate how this fits into meditation and daily life, then finish with a short practice based on our discussion.

* "There are these four nutriments for the establishing of beings who have taken birth or for the support of those in search of a place to be born.  Which four?  Physical food, gross or refined; contact: intention: and consciousness."  SN 12.64.




26th:  John H will lead meditation before introducing discussion on the relevance of the first lines of the Dhammapada "All that we are is the result of what we think.   With our thoughts we make the world"  to our daily practice. 



3rd:  Usha will lead meditation and introduce discussion:  The Buddha advocates "The Middle Way".  We'll explore how to practice middle way in meditation and in daily life.


10th:   Mo will lead an evening of meditation.


17th:  Carolyn will lead an evening of meditation.


24th:   John H will lead an evening of meditation.


31st:  Carolyn will lead an evening of meditation.



7th:   John W will lead an evening of meditation


14th:  Mo will lead an evening of meditation.


21st:  John H will lead meditation and introduce discussion on how Buddhist practice helps us to "make appropriate responses" , and why this matters.


28th:    Jeremy will lead an evening of meditation.



5th:   Mo will lead an evening of meditation.


12th:  John W will lead an evening of meditation.



In order to cover the costs of hiring and heating the room, there is an offering bowl on the book table.   No obligation to contribute, but a donation of £3 from each person would ensure that we remain solvent.

Thank you.





KEEPING WARM:  although the group's room is heated, some people bring a blanket or warm clothing to ensure a comfortable body temperature during meditation in colder months.

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