Bath Buddhist Group


Bath Buddhist Group closing

Much has changed in the ways we access and practise Dhamma since the Bath Buddhist Group was founded in the sitting room of John and Heather Harvey in 1977 at the suggestion of Christmas Humphries (founder/president of the Buddhist Society, and Old Bailey judge). As membership rapidly outgrew a sitting room, weekly meetings moved to rented accommodation in various venues around the city (St.Marks church hall, the Deaf Centre, Sea Scouts hall, Girl Guides centre and, in recent years, the Scouts hall).

Each decade the group offered a birthday gift to the city whereby a large venue was hired and a talk was given by wise and respected Buddhist teachers. Ajahn Kittisaro and Ajahn Viradhammo both gave inspiring talks at the Pump Room, which was full on both occasions. Ajahn Sumedho similarly inspired a packed banqueting room at the Guildhall, and most recently John Peacock gave a wise and insightful talk at the Bath Literary and Scientific Society.

Throughout these years the number of people attending weekly meetings of meditation and talks by visiting bikkhus and lay practitioners averaged a dozen or so. The restrictions on gatherings arising from coronavirus, and availability of Dhamma talks and practice via Zoom have significantly reduced the average attending, and the reluctant decision has been taken to close the group.

To all who have attended over the years, we thank you for your contribution to the group’s life and sense of

purpose. We wish you skilful insights when managing life’s challenges, and joy and inspiration in your ongoing practice.